2go launches on Android

2go   The free mobile messenger

The much anticipated 2go for Android is finally here!

South African based company, 2go, launched their much anticipated Android variation of their very successful app.

If you haven’t given it a shot yet I highly suggest you do, personally – I think it whips WhatsApp. The only issue being, is that most of my mates are on WhatsApp and not 2go. But that’s a problem for another day 🙂

2go is officially Nigerias largest Social network in the country with just over 10 million active users making use of the platform. The mental thing is that 2go only have four (yes 4) developers with recruitment drives currently being done. That’s a a seriously low-cost operation right there. And good for them!

Ashley Peter, co-founder of 2go had this to say about their new Android app:

We wanted to make sure that the first version of 2go for Android met the high expectations of our passionate user base”, says Wolff when asked why the market has waited so long for an Android version of 2go.

“The team spent a long time refining the product to ensure that it matches, and hopefully surpasses the high quality, intuitive user experience of the feature phone version of 2go. We wanted to maintain the same fun social experience, but also create a beautiful product that looks, feels and behaves like a smartphone app

On launch day, 2go  already hit Google Play hard getting into the top 5 of the Top New Free Apps available on Google Play. That’s impressive!

I’ve added some screengrabs from my Galaxy S3 to give you guys an idea of the app. I also had a little bit of feedback 🙂

  1. Add country search on welcome/ setup screen
  2. Great UI
  3. Responsive app

Overall, a fantastic app. It uses Android very well and is nice and straight forward to use. Give 2go a shot and let me know how you find things. Promising things coming from this company!

Download 2go for Android

Download 2go for Mobile

Download 2go for PC


Android launch mentioned on the company press site.

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