A real world review of Facebook Home


Facebook Home

Facebook had an update for me today. Naturally, I installed it and was greeted with a banner “Get Facebook Home now!”

Cool, click on it, install the app on my Galaxy S3 and try it out. Here’s why you shouldn’t even bother installing it.

What a dissapointment, after the hype, funny ads with the Zuckerburg crew and videos demonstrating how amazing Facebook Home is – it’s a massive let down when you actually have the app running controlling your phone.

If you actually like your native OS and use it, let’s say once a day, Facebook Home will destroy you. The app itself will try and run as a layer above TouchWiz, making your Home screen you’ve become so used to null and void. Pain! No worries though, you select the other option “Use as Lock Screen”

Nope, even worse. Now you have random Facebook garbage whenever you unlock your phone. No time, no date, nothing.

Before my brain implodes with how idiotic and pointless Facebook Home is let me show you some images of it running in the wild. Please try out Facebook Home for yourself too. If you’re internet only evolves around Facebook then maybe this is for you, but if you have an Android or iOS phone because of the actual OS – please don’t use Facebook Home, it’ll make you hate your phone.

In short, here’s what Facebook Home lacks:

  1. No native OS integration
  2. Frustration points as it takes full control of your phone. Making it near impossible to use your native OS
  3. Image rendering is poor
  4. Battery and bandwidth hog (at least the SA cellular networks know what to market from now on)
  5. Limited options. It’s either on or off

Anyway, onto the images.

Here we have your Facebook Home, homepage. It’ll spool through your friends posts all day.

Facebook Home

Below are your limited options within the app.

Facebook Home 1


On or off switch. You can’t have both.


Facebook Home 5

Facebook Home tries to include some of your phone here too. It fails.

Facebook Home 6


Because Facebook Home has now become your new Home screen and Lock screen you’d think it would natively allow options via the phone OS itself. Or not.

Facebook Home 4


Only one thing left to do. Adios motherf****r

Facebook Home 8


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