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Most users in South Africa either wouldn’t have heard of Google Music or can’t access the services. Strangely, Google have restricted their open Beta project to US only.

Not a problem, we have a work around for this 🙂

Before we start, let’s make sure you have everything:

  • A Google account (Who doesn’t have one in 2012?)
  • Access to the net
  • A trial account for HideIPVPN

Right, so now we have the right tools for the job, let’s get cracking! Now, because Google Music is strictly limited to the US only, we’ll need to trick the site into thinking that we’re visiting from within the USA. Once you’ve registered on HideIPVPN, you should receive an email with your temporary login details and a list of servers. Connect to the US ones only. My list is as follows, these might have changed since writing this blog:


Please, if you guys need to make use of premium VPN services in the future, please consider buying from these guys!

User your username and password and connect up to the VPN. If you’re unsure on how to do this, please read through the guide on Windows 7 Hacker.

We’re connected, head over to and follow the instructions. All we need to the VPN for is to accept the T&C’s. Once that’s done, the site will be able to be accessed without the help of the VPN. You will now be able to upload your music and play it on all your Android devices, in the cloud!

Thanks to Tayo for the suggestion, Google Music is awesome!

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