Apple Event 2012


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Yup, it’s showtime!

We’re almost there, 4 hours and counting to get cracking with the latest Apple event.

The internet has been buzzing in a build-up to this Apple event, as you’d expect! Most of you will know that the iPhone 5 (or maybe the New iPhone) will be launched today.

What else though?

What to expect.

Here’s where it gets interesting. Tonight, key releases from Apple may also crop into the picture, too:

iPhone 5

With the rumours, possibly a bigger 4″ screen, thinner, more powerful, LTE (4G) connectivity.

New iPod

Typically the same, but a possibly of a larger screen as the iPod Touch line of products has generally copy pasted a design of the iPhone, ex the phone capability.

iOS 6

Apple have already launched this, just haven’t released the software upgrades. Who knows, iOS 6 may even be launched today!

iPad Mini

Even though the rumours are there, I’m a little doubtful to see Apple launch a smaller version of the iPad. It’s Apple, maybe they’ll surprise us.

Stay up to date.

I’ll have a summarised list of what goes down today, but for real time updates I’ve included a list of live blogs worth checking out, in order of my personal┬ápreference:






What are you expecting to see happen?

I’m overly excited around the iPhone 5

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