Cape Town is one of the top Arrested Development pirates

Arrested Development Season 4


With the premier of Arrested Development season 4, the internet has been going nuts. With plenty of NetFlix users running a full series binge as soon as the episodes had been released online. The series premiered exclusively to NetFlix last week, but not everyone has access to NetFlix. Let’s take a look at the top countries to have torrented the series.

We all know that a big factor for piracy is content not being available in select countries. It’s a ridiculous model and it only annoys me seeing a clip that isn’t “available in your country”

This ranges from random news clippings to movies not airing on the same date world wide. Yet, the powers that be still complain that piracy is hurting their sales.

Anyway, lets not get caught up in online politics – with Arrested Development being available exclusively and only on NetFlix is left a lot of countries not able to view the series. Resorting to torrents we still all got to watch the show. Here are the top countries and cities that downloaded “illegal” copies of Arrested Development.

Arrested Development Torrent Stats

Cape Town weighs in at no. 9, interesting stuff!

If NetFlix was available here without me having to purchase a VPN somewhere and stream poor quality content because of our amazing internet infrastructure I’d happily purchase a monthly NetFlix account. Would you?

Original article appeared on TorrentFreak.

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