BitCoin ATMs coming to South Africa

BitCoin ATM

South Africa are on a list of countries in Africa selected to receive BitCoin ATMs.

Ghana, Angola, Egypt and Libya also qualify to receive these awesome pieces of machinery!

HumanIPO ran an interview with Jeff Berwick, the man and CEO behind the idea of a BitCoin ATM.

These ATMs will allow you to deposit your currency and have it automatically converted in BitCoin and placed into users online wallets. You can also use these ATMs to withdraw your BitCoin from your wallet into regular currency. How awesome is that!

For those who haven’t picked up interest on BitCoin just yet, I highly suggest you do!

Berwick told HumanIPO: “It is sad, at this time, because of all people who could make the best use of Bitcoin it is Africans who have been some of the most repressed by totalitarian and, even worse, democratical regimes, who have limited them so much.


“However, we believe Bitcoin will be a revolution in currency and value transfer and hope that more Africans realise this is something that will set them more free from their governments.”


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