Brand Awesomeness from Black Label and Pick n Pay 1

Who could ask for a better birthday present? Pick n Pay and Black Label have delivered some properly awesome brand goodness here.


So that’s how it started, the response from both PNP and Black Label was out of this world, you’ve definitely got a loyal customer here!

The tweet I sent through was fairly late that afternoon, but was followed up with a call from both PNP Management, Regan (who is a super star by the way!) and from Monique over at SAB. Both extremely friendly and wanting to get the story sorted.

Being an avid Black Label drinker and Pick n Pay goer, I was very happy with the response. I got even happier when both PNP and Black Label offered two free cases of the 440ml Special Edition. Picked it up today, gave it some love with a photo-shoot 🙂

I’m having mates around on Saturday to celebrate my birthday, we’ll naturally all be drinking Black Label!

Thanks guys, your Social CRM strategies are definitely paying off and building an absolutely fantastic brand ambassador base.


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  • Well, Jeff, if you compare my own experience (on the same day and sent to the same people on Twitter) it appears you were given priority treatment. Let’s chalk it down to your position and number of followers. Also the multitude of mentions you now give to both the companies is payment in kind. #back_scratching