Building the ORM Team at Web Africa 2

So it’s been a while since I’ve had an ORM team – finally, the time has come, and it’s something that I can make official too!


I’ve been in the ORM/ Social Media game since around 2010 working from within the Marketing department. I gained a massive interest in how things worked and Web 2.0 in general since late 2007.

When things in the Marketing Department at Web Africa got more formalised and the realisation of how important Social Media and ORM are things really took off, in a massive way. In any case, I’ll blog more about Social Media things at a later stage, for now – I’m officially welcoming Justin Wilson into my ORM Team.

He’ll be starting on the 2nd April, so the countdown is starting to slow down (or it feels like that anyway)

Welcome to the team bud, hopefully you’ll learn loads.


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  • Sean

    Jeff, I hope you learn soon, that trust in social media is very important. The trend is to use one’s own name online. In fact this is happening quite forcefully – Facebook beeing the obvious example – and use of Facebook to log in to make a comment on many news sites.

    As a known ‘live’ person using media that has global reach, anything you do has repercussions.

    Disseminating private information is one example of what not to do!

  • HI Sean. Not quite sure what you mean here… are you referring to my commenting page, using Justin’s name in my blog, mentioning the company that I work for, Facebook API? Seems like a whole lot of information muddled into one comment.

    Are you maybe saying that I shouldn’t use peoples real names in posts or you having a general rant about how you’d prefer to remain anon online? This post has not a single piece of private information – but rather information that has already been made public, everyone knows about this.