Introducing the new blog 2

Greetings all! We’re officially here, TechSocial is where it’s all at. As most of you know, my blog has previously been known as but I’ve decided to step things up to the next level and finally have a proper blog with more relevant content. So, let me know what […]


Can the Nokia 3310 stop Armor Piercing 50 cal rounds    Tech Assassin   RatedRR   YouTube

How indestructible is the Nokia 3310?

Over the years the good old Nokia 3310 is the ultimate brick phone. Never dies, never breaks and when dropped breaks into a couple of pieces – only to be picked up and put back together. RatedRR puts the legend to a test and takes a .50 calibre sniper rifle […]

It’s been real, Web Africa

Well, the time has come for me to say goodbye to the WA Community. I’ve had a journey of a lifetime working at Web Africa, but after almost 5 years it’s time to hang up the gloves.


New DSTV Channel Numbers

Due to the newly packaged HD offering from DSTV, they’ve had to shuffle a few of their channels around. The Universal Channel and Studio Universal are both being upgraded to HD from today (1st October 2012). With these being upgraded, the following channels have been removed/ replaced:

New DSTV Channel Numbers