Undertexter shutdown

Another sad day, another Hollywood copyright troll being a tool. Undertexter, a fan driven subtitle site has been shutdown by the authorities. Undertexter is a site where fans can submit their own written subtitles to movies. The site has been extremely popular and an excellent resource for the hard of […]

Undertexter Shutdown

Welcome to the internet

The Internet Music Video

Oh yes, it’s official! The Internet Music Video is here – it officially represents the entire internet and does it like a true boss. The Internet Music Video features the best memes, characters, videos and in general, wraps up the internet well. Let’s not keep you waiting then, full screen, […]

NZBsRus closes its doors

Well, I guess it had to happen sometime. NZBsRus officially announced their closure on their site and Reddit last night.¬†NZBsRus have been around for a while, holding a fairly strong community – being one of the more popular Usenet Indexers after NZBMatrix. While NZBsRus havent been in everyones popular books […]

nzbsrus legal letter

YouTube brings live action from Wimbledon 2013

  YouTube announced today that it will be broadcast live streams of Wimbledon 2013. The tournament will kick off today (24 June 2013) with the matches being broadcast over the internet via YouTube. You can subscribe to the official Wimbledon 2013 YouTube page to see all their videos and live […]


Danny MacAskill

Danny MacAskill gives us a taste of more awesome

Remember riding a bicycle around when you where a kid? Ramping off pavements and thinking you’re a champ for getting a few cm’s of air? Then BMX came along. I don’t know about you guys, but I couldn’t really get it right. Danny MacAskill on the other hand…. well he […]