NZBMatrix Shuts Down

Yup, it’s been that kind of a year. NewzBin shut up shop too, earlier this year – NZBMatrix followed on Sunday, 9th December. Granted, the first rule (or used to be anyway) of Usenet was don’t talk about Usenet. With NZBMatrix being open to the public, in a sense, opened […]

NZBMatrix Logo

The Pirate Bay vs Hollywood

Online Piracy

We’ve all heard about how copyright firms like the MPIAA, RIAA, Hollywood overall and the DMCA are fighting a long and hard battle to curb online piracy and ideally, stop it all together. We also hear the cries that online piracy caused billions worth of intellectual property damage to recording artists, movies, […]


Which Usenet Provider?

After much nagging from my work colleagues, here’s my ultimate guide to the home internet setup. Step 1 is choosing your Usenet provider. If you’re like me and prefer premium because of far superior retention time, here’s a list of my top listed Premium Usenet Providers money can buy. You’re more than […]