They’re making a Need for Speed movie

  Oh yes, you most definitely did read the title correctly. The ever famous Need for Speed franchise are now in the works with a Need for Speed movie. The trailer comes hot on the heels of the E3 announcement for Need for Speed: Rivals – not really sure what to […]

Need for Speed Movie

Top Gear season 20 preview

Top Gear Season 20 is on its way!

Yes please! The wait between seasons always seems to take ages, but the Top Gear team have officially made the announcement. Top Gear season 20 is on the way! It’s hard to believe that the show has been going for so many years and still manages to gain a massive […]

The Wolf of Wall Street trailer is here

It’s about time! If you read the title of the blog and though about the intensely boring movie Money never sleeps then you’re in for a good surprise. This is more, The Hangover meets Wall Street and the Great Gatsby. Pure awesome! Add this movie onto your must watch list, it looks like it’ll […]

The Wolf of Wall Street

Top Gear Logo

Top Gear Special DVD

With the recent release of the Top Gear – 50 Years of Bond Cars headed up my Richard Hammond, we can now also look forward to the next official Top Gear DVD with Jeremy Clarkson and James May, The Worst Car In the History Of The World They take a look around […]