The breakfast time lapse

  Yes, an almighty strange idea popped into my head while making my favourite fry up – a breakfast time lapse! Strange as this sounds, I think it didn’t come out too badly, let me know what you think. I whipped up some awesome chow this morning including some bacon […]

breakfast time lapse

Kings Block House Cannon

The Kings Block House Hike

It’s been ages since I’ve walked up Table Mountain, and after the Big Walk I may just be on a roll here. My girlfriend and I decided to walk up to the Kings Block House – a walk from the Rhodes Memorial restaurant. Getting up the first bit of stairs, […]

Jeff’s Top Pics

It’s been a while since I’ve had my Nikon absolutely glued to my hand. Starting off as pretty much a complete beginner, I think I’m making fairly decent progress. Briefly, here’s a selection of my better pics I’ve snapped up. A few more are on the blog under the Photography […]

Nikon D3100