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NZBsRus closes its doors

Well, I guess it had to happen sometime. NZBsRus officially announced their closure on their site and Reddit last night.┬áNZBsRus have been around for a while, holding a fairly strong community – being one of the more popular Usenet Indexers after NZBMatrix. While NZBsRus havent been in everyones popular books […]

nzbsrus legal letter

NZBMatrix Logo

NZBMatrix Shuts Down

Yup, it’s been that kind of a year. NewzBin shut up shop too, earlier this year – NZBMatrix followed on Sunday, 9th December. Granted, the first rule (or used to be anyway) of Usenet was don’t talk about Usenet. With NZBMatrix being open to the public, in a sense, opened […]