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Who’s Jeff Denning?

Hi, I’m Jeff!

Social Media began pulling my interest strings in early 2006. It starting off with a bit of Twitter and Facebook at the time – purely on a personal level. Talking to friends, family etc. Until I started thinking about how Marketing, branding,┬ácommunication, getting your name out there and an overall mass-connectivity between yourself (and your brand) could be extremely powerful.

Starting at Web Africa in late 2008 as a Hosting Support Intern, I was itching to grow my knowledge around the subject and get stuck in. And so I did!

Apart from the ORM & Social Media scene, I’m also very interested in my cars and anything that revolves around Motorsport. F1, DTM, BTCC, Australian V8’s and of course – the local racing scene at Killarney, Cape Town.

My job experience

As mentioned I started off as a Hosting Support Intern and quickly turned from doing my day job (being Customer Support) to entering the online space.

A forum had already been established at Web Africa – so I thought this was my time to shine. Very quickly, I found myself thinking of ways to develop communities, taking online experiences offline (should they be negative) and punting them hard if they were positive. This seemed to work well and I think (to this day anyway) I might have impressed the head honchos.

In 2009 a work colleague and I formed a Quality Assurance department, with me concentrating on the online space. Facebook, Twitter, our Forums, MyBroadband and any other blogs that popped up along the way.

I moved over to the Marketing side, strictly concentrating on the ORM role in 2010 and formed a team of three.

During late 2010, the team I’d set up moved to a competitor (well played chaps!). In the words of Jason Derulo – I was ridin’ solo.

By early 2012 things were looking up! I am now heading up Social Media as well as the new ORM Team I built. Duties include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Smooth running of both departments
  • Content management and generation
  • Formalising reporting structures for both ORM & Social Media
  • Brand awareness both internally and externally
  • Customer communication via bulk email sends
  • Management of the Web Africa blog
  • Trending topics online being pushed internally (brand and strategic business development)
  • Internal escalations between Online and Support Teams

The list does go on, but that covers most things.

Jeff Denning, online.

Cool, so I’ve rambled about my experiences online. This is me on:




Web Africa Blog

My ORM side is mostly MyBroadband and the Web Africa Forums, where I posted under WAJeff.

My skills

In short,

  • Social Media
  • Social Media & ORM Analysis
  • Web Hosting & ADSL
  • Website Development
  • Technical Copywriting
  • Reporting (Yes, my graphs are very fancy)

Want more?

Awesome! I do also keep the conventional, old-school CV around.

Drop me a mail ( for references and more details on employment history, achievements and all those other fancy things you recruiters are looking for!

About Jeff

Social Media Addict | Cape Town Boy | Trying to own the interwebz | Motorsport fanatic | Gadget Freak