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Giorgi Tevedaze


While it’s always sad to see a fellow petrol head passing away, I’ve always been a firm believer of “if you want to race, take it to the track”. This unfortunately, was not the case with Giorgi Tevzadze.

He became popular on YouTube not too long ago with his great E34 M5 and his talented driving skills.

Unfortunately, all of his antics had been captured on video – all on public streets. Not the most intelligent thing to do.

Giorgi Tevzadze passed away on the 26th June 2013, involved in a car accident with a friend of his behind the wheel. He was 26 and leaves behind his wife. The driver lost control of the car and collided with a tree on the side of the road. While no one deserves to die in a tragic way as this, I’d have to say it was coming. This type of driving is always a lot safer on the track.

RIPĀ Giorgi Tevzadze.

If you haven’t watched his video, we’ve included the ones that made him into the YouTube sensation he is today.

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  • smartacus

    His name and his legend shall live on.
    He has done what so few of us ever could:
    He etched his name into the pages of history
    He lived his life… many of us wish we could say that