Google Music on Mobile

A while back I was excited to bring everyone a work around to access Google Music in SA, today we’re looking at using the cloud to it’s full potential and access Google Music on your phone.

I’ve looked at Android and iOS for this, here are your options:


The easiest and most straight forward way to access your Google Music collection if via Safari. Head over to on your iPhone, iPad or iPod and it’s all there.

If you’re looking for additional features I’d advise you check out the gMusic app.

The mobile site mentioned above doesn’t perform so nicely on iPad as it’sĀ optimisedĀ for the smaller iPhone screen.

Download gMusic for iOS.


Because Google Music is made by, well Google obviously, native support for Android is the superior one here, with the official Google Music app available via Google Play.

The mobile version is also available for all Android devices but holds the same small screen restrictions that the iOS devices have.

Download Google Play Music.

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