Hashtags are coming to Facebook

Facebook HashtagSo the news officially broke last week, hashtags are on their way to Facebook. Why?

This is going to be painful.

According to the official Newsroom over at Facebook they’ll be officially supporting hashtags for public conversations.

The hashtags will be clickable via status updates your friends make, oh joy! ┬áBefore I get onto the why and how it’ll be done let me bring a few points to the table:

  1. Facebook is there to connect, be social and communicate with your friends
  2. The pictures, memes, holiday albums and whatever else you post on Facebook is for your friends to communicate, be social and communicate with
  3. What’s the point of seeing a friends update/ photo/ wall post trend just because it got a lot of Likes/ Comments

Come on Facebook, what’s happening here? See the pattern above? Facebook is meant to be there for friends, family and people you actually know IRL to be Facebook friends.

Now, while the idea behind the implementation of hashtags on Facebook are supposed to display realtime conversation points (which is all good in my books) why do I want to see who exactly is talking about a hashtag? Pointless.

I can see it now, popular hashtags that seem to have gotten more popular on Twitter such as #athousandthingsiloveabout you and #99reasonsilovebieber are bound to hit Facebook with even more pointless conversations being made up just because.

Maybe it’s time to give Facebook a rest for a while?



Facebook Newsroom

How do I use hastags on Facebook?

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