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It’s been a while since I stumbled on this start-up gem, now it’s time to share!

The idea is simple and brilliant. Refer someone you know how it suitable for a job. Should their application be successful, you get some bounty. That’s a win!

Hiring Bounty isn’t strictly for a “refer my mate” type service, but for recruiters and candidates alike. Straight from their site:
Hiring Bounty is open to any employer looking to hire for their organisation. Post details of the job you’re looking to recruit for and set the bounty. Then wait for the referrals to roll in. To find out more information about posting a job here on Hiring Bounty and the bounty charges, contact us now.


If you think you know someone who’d be perfect for any of the jobs listed here, refer them. We send them an email with your referral details and an invitation to apply for the job if they’re interested. If your nominated candidate applies and is successful, you, as the referrer, win the offered bounty. Now that’s what we call easy money!


If you arrive at Hiring Bounty because you’ve been referred, turns out someone thinks you’d be pretty awesome for one of our job listings. As a candidate, browse through the job description and apply if it sounds interesting. Here’s the good bit. If your application is successful, you’ll also receive the bounty that was nominated for the advertised job (score!).

All of their available positions can be found on their website.

Hiring Bounty

Give it a bash and let me know how things go. Good hunting!

Idea bounty is headed up by Greg Scheider, go follow him and @HiringBounty on Twitter!

Looks like they’re also talking at tonights Startup World. Best of luck chaps!

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