How to fix Torch 9800 battery drain, spinning clock and lag 5



I’m sure we’ve all had some serious annoyances with our phones, recently my came in with my fairly new BlackBerry Torch.

I purchased the phone in mid-2010 and was pretty happy with the way things worked. Very anti-iPhone, BB fanboi at this stage. Needless to say, the months passed and naturally, I started wanting more from my phone. This is were things started getting tiring and eventually got to the point were I actively started looking for an iPhone 4 or 4S.


Anyway, enough muttering. Over the last 3 months or so the battery life has gone from bad to almost unusable with having both my work and personal email accounts setup. Using just the 3G coverage my battery would last 5 hours if I was lucky. I eventually stumbled on an article saying that WiFi was the better option to do, I tried it – small improvement in battery life.


So, after a boring afternoon I decided to sit down and fix the issues with my Torch. After the umpteenth battery pull I decided to take out my 16GB SD card. Bingo, problem solved.

Give it a bash!

Anyway, obviously it’s far from convenient only having the on-board storage. After from reading I discovered that you need to disable Compression.

To get here, follow these steps:

  • Options
  • Device
  • Storage

Once you have the above screen up on your phone, un-tick Enable Compression and reboot your phone.

I’ve had this fix running on my phone for about 5 days with a massively improved battery life (sometimes even lasting 48 hours with heavy use) and a huge improvement on the phones responsiveness.


Hope it works for you! Post up some feedback.

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  • juan

    I will give it a try Jeff – my 9800 doesn’t even last one day at most.

    Will test this and give feedback.

    Your the man!!!

    Ps. Don’t break the interwebz

  • I have a better solution: Buy and Iphone 4!

  • Haha, agreed with you there Simon! iPhone is on the cards 🙂
    @Juan – Cool man, lemme know. It’s works wonders for me. Charged my phone last night and I have 79% battery left, and it’s been a busy day for my phone!

  • Susie

    Never have those issues with my Nokia. Battery lasts for a week – and i never miss a call… 🙂

  • Lets see how this works, as we speak my 9800 dies 🙁

    Well as per your tweet re Flashing ICS on Galaxy Tab. I’ll keep posted. looking forward to ICS. Hope you have the camera issue sorted.