HOWTO: Install & use SABnzbd

So you’ve got your Premium Usenet Server provider setup, let’s get cracking. Without the right app everyone is stuck. This is where SABnzbd comes in. In my opinion, it crushes any news grabber out there. Bring along alt.binz, GrabIt – take it home, this wins.

I’ve also seen some issues with verifying blocks and repair work fail on alt.binz where SAB just flys through it and doesn’t look back.

I like SAB because it’s straight forward, simple and runs in the background. It runs off Python and uses a web interface (icon on Mac, but still not in your face all the time) and is extremely resource friendly!

Here’s how to install it. Mac and Windows are exactly the same, apart from the install process (as in clicking on the .exe as opposed to mounting the .dmg file)

Grab your flavour of install from the Download section.

Mount/ run through the install as you would with any other application you’re installing.

Install done, you now should have a browser window open in front of you with localhost:8080 open. Don’t panic, chose your preferred language and hit Start Wizard.

Here’s where you enter your Usenet server details. If you haven’t chosen one yet, head over to my top choices and get cracking! Enter your details that are either emailed to you or type them our from your head.

Test the connection and see if all is well.

Move onto the password protection, HTTPS and who can view SABnzbd on your network. To make life easier for my up coming guides, select that you want SABnzbd to be accessed across your entire network. Let’s head to the next page.

On this screen you’ll see the accounts setup. You don’t have to worry about this just yet unless you have an NZBMatrix or similar account. If you do, you know what to enter here – API key and username. Hit next and smile.

You’re all done, nice!

Don’t forget to bookmark this address as you’ll probably be using it more often than not. You can add your .nzb files you download here and watch them magically go from binary split up files to one fancy .avi or whatever file you’re downloading.

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