iOS6. What you can expect 1

iOS6 is officially here, announced at WWDC during Apple’s keynote speech yesterday, Monday.

Along with the launch of the updated MacBook Air and Pro and iOS6 – Apple can sum their keynote up as a pretty successful one. Now, onto my favourite improvements in iOS6:


No more Google Maps. Thinking this app couldn’t be replaced, Apple just went ahead and did their own thing with some seriously impressive results according to reports.

Spoken directions are also available, along with a flyover, ariel view of cities are my top features.

Improved browsing.

Safari is already a fairly powerful browser. Although not my favourite, it is a browser to consider – especially, on the mobile platforms. Integration to your other iDevices sharing bookmarks and visited pages makes things easier, as opposed to heading to the cloud, manually, for this solution.


Now allowing for FaceTime to be run over cell data.

I suppose this is more for US markets, considering SA’s 3G networks and only recently – Vodacom looking into 4G networks. Never the less, a good improvement for an already good app.

Facebook Integration.

This was inevitable I guess. Although I would have personally preferred a choice between Facebook and Twitter, Apple have obviously done their research on who wants what. Just shows how important Social sharing is!

All of the features and improvements are available on


Can I upgrade to iOS6?

Similar to the iOS5 upgrade paths, the following iDevices will be able to upgrade to iOS6 in Q4 of 2012:

iPhone 3GS

iPhone 4 and 4S

iPod Touch 4th Gen

iPad 2

The new iPad

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