Is this the end for RIM?

Is this really RIM’s last run for the market?

I used to be a massive supporter of all RIM products, hugely anticipating the launch for the BlackBerry PlayBook and keeping up to date with their latest phone releases.

That is, until recently – everything got a little annoying and I turned into a self-professed Apple fanboi.

So, moving on – BlackBerry OS market share has been dropping slowly but surely seeing their two main competitors Android and Apple fly up to the top spots. Even Windows phones (which really aren’t bad) are starting to lap RIM.

Now РRIM has three remaining electronics manufactures to keep pushing out their electronic gadgets, namely Flextronics International, Jabil Circuit, and Quanta Computer who make their PlayBook. Celestica were responsible for manufacturing the hugely successful Bold and Curve variations of the BlackBerry range.

RIM has made the decision to save $1 billion this year. Cool, fair shout. They’ve already dropped Celestrica and are now talking about retrenching 3000 – 6000 employees from the company. Not cool.

We all sit around and wonder how long the smartphone manufacturer can hold on for. My bet is end Q4 2012. Yours?


Q1 Smartphone market sales stats:

Windows 1.9%

Bada 2.7%

RIM 6.9%

Symbian 8.6%

iOS 22.9%

Android 56.1%

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