Keep the Nikon D3100 LCD off

Nikon D3100 LCD


The Nikon D3100 LCD is quite a tricky then to turn off – here’s a quick guide to turn it off and keep it that way.

For some reason the settings are fairly hidden away if you’re a beginner on the DSLR scene, like me. After many hours of Google I eventually gave up and took out the good old manual for some bed time reading. There didn’t seem to be a very direct or well explained method to keep the Nikon D3100 LCD off either. Strange.

Some people may ask why it needs to be off while shooting. Well, there are a few reasons.

  1. You simply prefer the view finder over the LCD
  2. You don’t want any extra light coming in through the view finder while doing long exposure shots
  3. To save the battery life
  4. Get annoyed (like me) at the constant flashing while doing a time lapse shoot

Anyway, let’s go through the steps on how to achieve this.

Here’s how to keep the Nikon D3100 LCD off.

There are two options that we’ll need to find to keep the Nikon D3100 LCD off at all times. Namely, the photo review and the info screen. You don’t need to do both, so either or is optional.

  • Turn your camera on
  • Click the Menu button on the left of the LCD
  • Go to the first menu to access Playback option (with the play icon), changing this setting will disable the image review once you’ve taken your picture
  • Scroll down to Image review
  • Click on OK and set this to Off
  • Click Menu again to scroll down the menu structure on the left
  • Scroll down to the Setup menu (displayed as a wrench) 
  • Look out for the option that reads Auto info display
  • Click OK and turn this option Off

You’re all done! I’ve included two pictures of the menus you’ll need to navigate to.


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