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It’s no secret by now that Google will be officially retiring it’s RSS Reader, Google Reader. Here’s a chance to get your stuff moved over to a far better platform, Feedly.

Who says RSS is dead? By the looks of things, it’ll still be here for some time to come. When Google officially announced that they are powering down it’s Reader service the internet was up in arms. At least Google are giving some warning before they’re giving up on Google Reader all together, they’re also providing an option to backup your feeds.

This is where Feedly comes in handy. Feedly has almost taken the place of Google Reader seeing massive growth in their customers databases with a massive 3 million Google Reader users having moved over to Feedly. Here’s how to move your stuff over to Feedly and forget about Google Plus.

Backup your Google Reader data:

  1. Make sure you’re logged into your Google account and open up Google Reader
  2. Open Google Takeout and hit Create Archive
  3. It’ll download to the location you chose, to do with what you like
  4. Once you click Download you’ll be prompted for your Google Accounts password
  5. Enter it and begin the download
  6. Great, you’ve successfully grabbed your Google Reader data which contains all of your Google Reader history

Get started with Feedly:

Feedly runs via a browser extension as opposed to Google Reader which was (is) browser based.

The extension is available for:

Here’s how to get Feedly up and running on your device/browser

  1. Head over to the Feedly homepage and select your device/ browser
  2. Click the big blue button called Import Your Google Reader
  3. You’ll be asked to authorise your account and allow Feedly access, click on Accept and you’re all set

All done, you’re officially using Feedly!

The interface is a lot simpler compared to Google Plus with some really nice options that I’m sure you’ll figure out 🙂 Have fun, may RSS live forever!

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