My First DSLR

I’ve taken the plunge into the SLR world and¬†absolutely¬†loving it!

I remember when I was a kid and my Dad walked me through the garden with his old Pentax SLR with manual everything, taking pictures of the roof of the house to flowers. Hooked.

It’s been a while since I’ve taken pictures and by no means see myself as any sort of Pro. In fact, after getting this awesome Nikon I realise how lost I really am.

We’ll get there, slowly but surely messing around with more and more settings.

I picked up the camera on Sunday afternoon with the camera pretty much not leaving my hand since then, much to the joy of the folks and the girlfriend.

Anyway, I’ve decided to post up a few of my better snaps (yes, I left the either full black, full white or blurred beyond recognition ones out) and get some feedback from you guys.

All of the pictures were taken with the Nikon D3100 with a 18mm – 55mm lens. No Photoshop’ing here either, that’s another huge thing to tackle!

My favourites being the ones of the Aston Martin. Can’t wait to go to Killarney and snap up some shots of my favourite things in the world!

If anyone is interested in picking themselves up a SLR camera to begin with I can highly recommend the D3100. I can happily recommend ORMS Direct.

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