New Compose look for Gmail

Logged into Gmail lately? Most of us probably would have, and noticed that Gmail  are trialling their new look compose “screen”

With the new look it makes it just that much easier to write two mails at once, minimise emails and have a generally cleaner, easier look and feel.

New Gmail Compose

Gmail Compose New Preview

Google have also promised these features which will be coming soon.

  • Insert emoticons and event invitations
  • Print drafts from the More menu
  • Add labels to outgoing messages from the More menu
  • Send read receipts (Google Apps users only)
  • Canned responses

I’ve been giving the new look a bash from today and I must say it’s definitely easier! So head over to your Gmail account and hit the “Try Now” button. If you don’t like the new look you can switch back to the older compose interface anytime by following these steps:

  1. Click Compose
  2. At the bottom corner of the message pane, click the More menu icon More options drop-down arrow next to the Discard button.
  3. Select “Switch back to old compose.

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