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We’ve all heard about how copyright firms like the MPIAA, RIAA, Hollywood overall and the DMCA are fighting a long and hard battle to curb online piracy and ideally, stop it all together.

We also hear the cries that online piracy caused billions worth of intellectual property damage to recording artists, movies, game creators etc etc etc. This all seems fairly obvious since downloading a movie as opposed to paying for it doesn’t push any money into the industry, but does that really mean that the multi-billion Dollar industries are suffering? Nope, not in my opinion anyway.

I’ll give props where due here though, the music industry seems to have stepped out of the dark ages and realised that the internet isn’t a phase and moved with it – creating paid services to guys who prefer listening to music from the Cloud or in mp3 format compared to buying a CD. So has the movie industry, in a small way – with services like NetFlix, even though this isn’t available in South Africa.

Have a look at this Infographic and you let me know if the industries I’ve mentioned really need to budget for bread every month.

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The Affects of Online Piracy

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