They’re making a Need for Speed movie

  Oh yes, you most definitely did read the title correctly. The ever famous Need for Speed franchise are now in the works with a Need for Speed movie. The trailer comes hot on the heels of the E3 announcement for Need for Speed: Rivals – not really sure what to […]

Need for Speed Movie

Le Mans 2013

Countdown to Le Mans 2013

  It’s countdown! Within a little under 24 hours to go until lights out of one of the biggest motorsport races of the year – Le Mans 2013. For the 90th year running we’ll will take to the track for it’s epic breed of racing – including an all electric […]

Top Gear Season 20 is on its way!

Yes please! The wait between seasons always seems to take ages, but the Top Gear team have officially made the announcement. Top Gear season 20 is on the way! It’s hard to believe that the show has been going for so many years and still manages to gain a massive […]

Top Gear season 20 preview

Danny MacAskill

Danny MacAskill gives us a taste of more awesome

Remember riding a bicycle around when you where a kid? Ramping off pavements and thinking you’re a champ for getting a few cm’s of air? Then BMX came along. I don’t know about you guys, but I couldn’t really get it right. Danny MacAskill on the other hand…. well he […]

The Wolf of Wall Street trailer is here

It’s about time! If you read the title of the blog and though about the intensely boring movie Money never sleeps then you’re in for a good surprise. This is more, The Hangover meets Wall Street and the Great Gatsby. Pure awesome! Add this movie onto your must watch list, it looks like it’ll […]

The Wolf of Wall Street

Gran Turismo 6

Gran Turismo teases another trailer

  I’ll admit, I still get excited when I can play Gran Turismo 5. It’s a phenomenal game and a great driving simulator. That is, after years of waiting and years of delays. Let’s start those years of waiting patiently for Gran Turismo 6 – they teased their second trailer at E3 […]

Hashtags are coming to Facebook

So the news officially broke last week, hashtags are on their way to Facebook. Why? This is going to be painful. According to the official Newsroom over at Facebook they’ll be officially supporting hashtags for public conversations. The hashtags will be clickable via status updates your friends make, oh joy! […]

Facebook Hashtag

Can the Nokia 3310 stop Armor Piercing 50 cal rounds    Tech Assassin   RatedRR   YouTube

How indestructible is the Nokia 3310?

Over the years the good old Nokia 3310 is the ultimate brick phone. Never dies, never breaks and when dropped breaks into a couple of pieces – only to be picked up and put back together. RatedRR puts the legend to a test and takes a .50 calibre sniper rifle […]

The Weekend Selection 04 – Soilwork

So a day late from the usual Friday post, but none the less – it’ll be well worth waiting for! I’ve been listening to this album almost none-stop since I’ve had it. Soilwork at back with a bang. Turn it up, this album is epic. The full album can be […]

Soilwork The Living Infinite

Google Reader

HOWTO: Move from Google Reader to Feedly

  It’s no secret by now that Google will be officially retiring it’s RSS Reader, Google Reader. Here’s a chance to get your stuff moved over to a far better platform, Feedly. Who says RSS is dead? By the looks of things, it’ll still be here for some time to come. […]