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Mac, OSX and virus/ malware don’t normally go together in the same sentence. Unfortunately there are times where the platform is exploited, and the world goes nuts about viruses on Mac’s.

Platforms affected are OSX 10.6 and OSX Lion running Java. The exploit comes in when Java runtimes are automatically run – causing a malware injection into your OS.

Apple reacted fairly quickly and released a patch which sorts out the vulnerable point of attack which is available for download via your Software Update window.

A recent version of malicious software called Flashback exploits a security flaw in Java in order to install itself on Macs.

Apple has released software updates for systems running OS X Lion and Mac OS X v10.6 that will update Java to fix the security flaw, and remove the Flashback malware if it is present.

A standalone update is also available for OS X Lion that will remove the Flashback malware from systems that do not currently have Java installed.

F-Secure have also released a small app that completely removes and detects whether your system has been affected or not. Instructions and download links can be found on their website.

How to use the tools:

1) Download to the Mac machine you want to scan.
2) Double-click the zip package to unzip it in the current folder.
3) Double-click the FlashBack Removal app to run the tool.
4) Follow the instructions to check your system and clean any infections.

A detailed read can be found on the F-Secure definition vault, explaining what Flashback does.

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