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I’ll be honest, a lot of things annoy me – this is one of my pet hates.

Without turning this into a political blog, but this is a typical “We don’t want to deal with real issues” stance from government – again.

Cape Town – A blanket 10km/h reduction on all speed limits is being planned for the Western Cape – including towns, which means the basic urban speed limit will be 50km/h!

The Western Cape Provincial Road Traffic Bill has been published in the Provincial Gazette and is open for public comment until September 20 2012.

The move would mean a maximum speed of 110km/h on open roads; all other limlits would drop by 10km/h.


In addition the minster. Robin Carlisle, wants 40km/h and 30km/h zones near shops, schools and areas of “high pedestrian concentration”.

Carlise said: “The carnage on our roads is an issue that affects us all. The distinction between driver, passenger or pedestrian becomes non-existent as we all bear a shared responsibility to ourselves and others.”

Regulations already being drafted include the banning of “blue lights” for VIP transport as well as the law forcing powered vehicles to stay at least 1.5m from a bicycle rider while overtaking.

Blue light convoys have repeatedly been involved in fatal crashes throughout South Africa and Carlisle has stated: “This will no longer be tolerated.”

As a result blue lights may not be used, except in the case of a confirmed threat to the life of the VIP.

Other proposed regulations:

Protecting children

A new regulation proposing the mandatory use of child restraints, seat belts and rear and forward facing child seats is being considered. The call for a ban of shared seating.

Harsh penalties for non-compliance will be applied as well as an additional offence of reckless behavior with child passengers. Carlisle is also called from a ban on overtaking stationary school buses or other child transport.


Passengers not wearing a seat belt will be fined “personally” rather than the offence resting on the driver’s shoulders.

The public is encouraged to submit written or e-mail comments on the bill before September 20th.

Postal address: 
Attention Mr M L Watters
Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Works
Box 2603
Cape Town
Fax to 021 483 2166


What I can agree with in this press release, are the changes/ enforcements listed under “other”

The rest is laughable.

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  • JonoWP

    How is a reduction in the highway speed limit going to help curb road deaths? The government need to look at – How many Unlicensed or illegal drives there are.
    – How many unroadworthy vehicles are on the road.

    I’ve got no problem with a reduction in urban areas, especially around schools, but on a highway!

    Lets look at proper law enforcement on the road & not an easy cash cow!

  • My thoughts exactly mate!!
    May as well drop the speed limit to 5km/h, enforce no cars on the road and get it done with. Absolutely pointless this!

  • Joh

    They should enforce the speed limits to BMW owners only as these cars are so lame they belong off the road 😛