Telkom ADSL Speed Upgrades

Telkom have officially started rolling out their 2Mbps ADSL line speed upgrades across their network. I wrote up a forum post for the Web Africa forums a few minutes ago, thought it would be useful info to share!

Pop any questions in the comments box, will be happy to answer.

All you need to know about the line speed upgrades.

We’ve seen a few questions surrounding the recent Telkom line speed upgrades, here’s a FAQ which will walk you through knowing when your line speed has been upgraded.

What line speeds are affected, and what line speed will I see?

384kbps and 1Mbps lines are being upgraded over a 6 week period which started on Monday, 27th August 2012.
1Mbps lines will be automatically upgraded to 2Mbps.
384kbps lines will be automatically upgraded to 1Mbps in October.

What costs are involved with the line speed increases?

If your ADSL line rental is with Web Africa you won’t see any additional costs to your higher line speed. Once Telkom roll-out the changes in your area you’ll see an increased line speed.
Users have are on a capped ADSL package will see the benefits instantly; however Uncapped users will need to upgrade their data portion. Uncapped users can upgrade their data portion via your Customer Zone or by contacting our Sales department on 086 000 9555.

Pricing for Uncapped is as follows (excluding line rental):

  • 384kbps R179
  • 1Mbps R189
  • 2Mbps R299
  • 4Mbps R599
  • 10Mbps R1299

How will I know my line speed has increased?

There are a few ways to check 
If your ADSL line is with us we’ll notify you via email as soon as Telkom rolls out upgrades in your area. If you haven’t received an email yet or your line isn’t with us there are other ways to check!

Line Speed Optimiser Tool 

Note that this is only applicable if your line is with Web Africa.

Can be accessed via your Customer Zone and clicking manage on your ADSL line.
Once you’ve accessed the ADSL Line Speed Optimiser you will need to click Show details and check a few options. Most importantly here is the Downstream speed and Current Telkom profile speed.
More info about the Line Speed Optimiser tool can be found on our announcement thread and the KB article.

Router Stats

You will need to login to your router interface and check your sync speeds. Steps to view these stats depend on the router you have. Here are a fewguides to get you started though.

Probably the easiest way to determine if your line is faster. Head over to and hit Begin Test. You’ll probably notice a quicker line before running this online tool, but you can confirm with your download and upload speeds. If you aren’t 100% sure post your results here and we can have a look.

Has your line been upgraded? If so, let us know which area you’re in so other users can get an idea of their upgrade times!

Happy surfing!


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