The breakfast time lapse

breakfast time lapse


Yes, an almighty strange idea popped into my head while making my favourite fry up – a breakfast time lapse!

Strange as this sounds, I think it didn’t come out too badly, let me know what you think.

I whipped up some awesome chow this morning including some bacon (can never go wrong there), a bit of chorizo and a fried egg. Awesome sauce, we’re winning here! The chorizo and the bacon was purchased through Big Boss Foods. Keep an eye out for these guys, exciting stuff coming soon!

Let the hunger start building, here’s my breakfast time lapse.


Watch on YouTube.

I shot this at f8 at 1/8 shutter speed, white balance on day light. My Nikon D3100 was mounted on a tripod. Assembled with Lightroom and processed in iMovie. More time lapse stuff coming soon!

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