The evolution of the Cloud Computing

The evolution of the Cloud computingTake a look at how Cloud computing has evolved over the years and picked up the pieces from the basics of shared hosting through to dedicated servers.

With most sites that outgrow themselves and need more resources, sites coming from Shared would naturally move up to a VPS platform – allowing full root access and greater resources. The next would be Dedicated, but along with the awesome feeling of having all the hardware on that box to yourself and almost full control of your config it can be fairly intimidating.

Not everyone is able to setup a full dedicated server themselves, and so the costs keep on rising. Not only is a dedicated solution expensive to roll out by hosting companies, it can also be a expensive exercise for the user. Then there’s also hardware restrictions. What happens when your CPU is constantly sitting at 99% and the site becomes slow? Ask for a replacement which takes time since there’s human intervention here.

This is where Cloud computing comes in!

Start your website off small and as it grows you can instantly setup the Cloud to grow with you. More RAM? No problem. Drag a slider, click a button, or at worst – contact the hosting company to allocate more. Done. Instantly.

Cloud computing is also almost fully automated – allowing hosting companies great control over their offerings with little human input here. A customer will hit order on your Cloud page and the background processes of allocated the virtual hardware and OS setup takes place. From instantly to a couple of minutes you’ll have a session setup in the cloud 🙂


Take a look at how the Cloud computing stacks up against it’s competitors and how it’s evolved over the years.

The evolution of the Cloud Infographic

Infographic courtesy of ProfitBricks.


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