The Legend Bakkie

I’ve always been amused at some Gumtree ad’s that are shown ranging form the straight funny to the “one of a kind” only because of the masses amounts of rust the car has.

Here’s a hilarious one that a friend of mine sent to me a few minutes ago.

GumTree Link.

I’m selling my legend of a bakkie, Micheal. Micheal Datsun.

I say LEGEND ‘cos I mean it. What else comes close on SA roads? Okay, maybe a VW Beetle. But they are like a hundred years old, rusted, noisy and catch on fire ALL the time.

I read the other day that Nissan Champs are the number one recovery vehicle for Land Cruisers in the country. It must be because Champs are LEGENDS.

It’s a coupe. A flippin Coupe bakkie. That’s pretty sick especially in SA where we are bakkie verskrik. A sports model and a bakkie, that’s like having Maria Sharapova’s body with Oprah’s chassis, LEGEND!

This bakkie does 0-100km/h in half a minute or so. Who needs to rush when you drive a LEGEND. I was late the other day to meet my mates for a mountain bike ride and I reached 130km/h, on a flat nogal (no wind assistance either) – so this puppy moves when you need it to.

Half a ton carrying capacity. I’ve never carried anything more than a few bicycles and a fridge for my Mum the other day – not at the same time, but you could if you wanted to, easily actually.

I checked this O the other day with about forty large Aunties in the back – that’s pulling power. More pulling power than The Hoff on a Californian beach.

Michael has done just over a hundred thousand km’s – for those in the know, that means it’s just been broken in. This vehicle can cruise easily, even if you chuck another naught on the end of that.

And my favourite part:

The turning circle on this bad boy is incredible. My mates wouldn’t believe me, so I parked in a telephone booth and did a U-turn without touching the sides, LEGEND.

You know the bakkie – you know there is nothing to touch it in its class (except for a whole load of hot chicks) I’m letting it go for fifty seven thousand ZARS. Check AutoTrader – it’s a bargain. A LEGEND of a bargain.

Only serious LEGENDS to be, need call.

PS, I’ve got a kif Michael Datsun sticker that I’ll throw in for shitsngiggles.

Good luck with the sale bud, you made my day!




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