They’re making a Need for Speed movie

Need for Speed Movie


Oh yes, you most definitely did read the title correctly. The ever famous Need for Speed franchise are now in the works with a Need for Speed movie.

The trailer comes hot on the heels of the E3 announcement for Need for Speed: Rivals – not really sure what to think about the Need for Speed franchise anymore. I remember NFS being one of the very first PC games I’d bought and used to love it.

Now, I’m not sure if I’ll be buying a “run from the cops arcade smash up” or a Gran Turismo “real world racing simulator” – let’s see what they can pull off with this. None the less, it looks like Need for Speed are looking to compete with the seemingly never ending Fast and Furious movies.

Never the less, feast your eyes upon insane hyper and super cars charging up mountain passed with huge crash action in the latest Need for Speed punch into the world of movies

Not to be outdone by a “real world” (damn I seem to be using a lot of ” thingys this post) take a look at the latest Need for Speed game, set for release in November this year.

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