Top Gear Season 20 is on its way!

Top gear season 20Yes please! The wait between seasons always seems to take ages, but the Top Gear team have officially made the announcement.

Top Gear season 20 is on the way!

It’s hard to believe that the show has been going for so many years and still manages to gain a massive following and huge traction out of almost every single series. I’ll be honest though, some of the later seasons haven’t really been all that – but they definitely aren’t television to be missed, ever!

While I think season 18 was a bit strange, Top Gear season 20 will surely not disappoint. I’ll be keeping my ears and eyes close on the net over the coming weeks to try and grab some video or a trailer of Top Gear season 20 – start getting excited!

Top Gear season 20 is set to air as soon as the 30th June 2013 – that’s only 2 weeks away, woohoo!! The show will be broadcast on BBC Two and BBC HD. Get your tellies ready. I’ve also included a few snaps of the sneak peak of Top Gear season 20 at the end of this post.

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