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With the recent release of the Top Gear – 50 Years of Bond Cars┬áheaded up my Richard Hammond, we can now also look forward to the next official Top Gear DVD with Jeremy Clarkson and James May,┬áThe Worst Car In the History Of The World

They take a look around for the worlds worst car, should be interesting!

The trailer just launched on YouTube a few minutes ago. Through the almost 4 minute trailer I must say, it looks fantastic! Good ‘ol, proper Top Gear seems to be back!

Not to worry though, this DVD definitely won’t be full to the brim with rubbish cars! The Ferrari 458 Italia. Toyota GT86, Lexus LFA and the Mercedes SLS AMG are also rumoured to show face. I’m keen. Very, very keen for this!

The DVD will launch on Monday the 19th November 2012, so the wait won’t be too long on this one. If you really can’t wait, a pre-order is also available on Amazon.



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