Uncapped Business ADSL

You’re in the market to provide your SME with some business class ADSL. Here’s a summary of SA’s biggest players in the market to help you decide.

For now, here are the price points – I’ll try get a performance comparison and summarise the different AUP’s a bit later.

Telkom have recently reduced the pricing of their Business packages according to TechCentral with some substantial price drops, but don’t seem to be as competitive on price points as other ISP’s. These price reductions come in line with Telkoms line speed upgrades planned for August.

For price points, here’s what’s currently available on the South African market:

* Afrihost have excluded line rental prices. Add R149 for 384kbps, R279 for 1Mbps and R399 for 10Mbps.

** Prices valid along with line speed increases. 384kbps will become 1Mbps, 1Mbps will become 2Mbps.



Afrihost and Afrihost Line Rental



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