Undertexter shutdown

Undertexter ShutdownAnother sad day, another Hollywood copyright troll being a tool. Undertexter, a fan driven subtitle site has been shutdown by the authorities.

Undertexter is a site where fans can submit their own written subtitles to movies. The site has been extremely popular and an excellent resource for the hard of hearing. Now that Hollywood has got involved, it’s gone – probably to be replaced by a paid site.

Remarkable that they’ve gone against an entirely fan based website. Noted that Undertexter never shared any copyrighted material, never got involved in torrents, Usenet or anything that promoted pirating movies.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the police is acting to protect the copyright industry, and not to uphold the law. This is very, very serious. When Netflix copied fansubs for their Hollywood movies from the fansub site DivXFinland, everybody was amused – even though it was a textbook copyright monopoly violation of those fansubs. But Netflix is part of the copyright industry, and therefore, they are above the law.

Interesting to say the least!

The Pirate Party released a press statement earlier today. Translated from Google Translate.

“The copyright industry is resorting to increasingly desperate measures to defend an obsolete copyright monopoly”, says Anna Troberg, leader of the Swedish Pirate Party. “Today’s monopoly scuttles and inhibits creativity in a way that is completely unreasonable. The raid against undertexter.se is yet another piece of evidence that the time has come to reform the copyright monopoly from the ground up.”

When visiting Undertexter, you’re greeted with the following text. Again, translated by Google.

07/10/2013 – We must do everything we can to stop anti pirates trying not least stop your and my right to distribute interpretation of dialogue but also sprindningen of Swedish culture. Is Hollywood really get put protectors on the moviegoer? It do not think so. More news coming soon greedy hollywood …

/ Eugen Archy – Founder

09/07/2013 – Undertexter.se during the morning today had a police raid and seized both servers and desktops thereof are the side down. We work with the hand do not find their own interpretation of a dialogue is illegal. Especially when it gives out its interpretation free. It do not think Mr. Henry Pontén behind this raid. No Hollywood, here you pulled the wrong card. We will never give up, we live in a free country and Swedish people have every right to publish your own interpretation of a movie / series. More info and contact at: http://www.facebook.com/Undertexter

Download the subtitles here so far: http://www.opensubtitles.org/sv

Following the shutdown, it also has Reddit up in arms around the take down.


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