Which Usenet Provider?

After much nagging from my work colleagues, here’s my ultimate guide to the home internet setup.

Step 1 is choosing your Usenet provider. If you’re like me and prefer premium because of far superior retention time, here’s a list of my top listed Premium Usenet Providers money can buy.

You’re more than welcome to try out the ISP offered Usenet solutions, but these don’t offer as many features are premium providers offer.

Retention time, price, SSL, connections and bandwidth are all important here.


My favourite, used these guys for years without dissapointment

  • Starting from $10/ month
  • 1412 days retention
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • SSL on all packages


  • Starting from $11/ month
  • 1416 days retention
  • 25GB bandwidth and up
  • SSL on most plans


  • Starting from $10/ month
  • 1417 days retention
  • 50GB including roll over and up
  • SSL on all packages

My recommendation, and winner – UseNetServer.

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